Since November 2007, the EDAA has been working towards support for Workers Compensation benefits for dental staff in Alberta. RDA's and other auxilliary staff are encouraged to speak to their MLA's about the need for this coverage. A Fact Sheet is included on this page for you to use in your discussions with your MLA and others. In addition you will find the letters to and from the WCB and the Minister for Employment, supporting documentation and letters of support from across Canada. We welcome your support in achieving our goal to ensure that RDA's and dental staff receive the same benefits as other workers in Alberta who are emplyed in industries where WC benefits are compulsory.

This initiative was taken over by the Association of Alberta Dental Assistants in 2015. The AADA is the provincial advocate for RDAs in our province. The EDAA is proud to be a Society Partner of the AADA since it was established on October 5, 2012.

The AADA has submitted a package on September 9, 2016 to the WCB Review Panel for consideration. In that submission we are advocating for WCB coverage to be compulsory for dental offices to ensure that ALL dental staff members are covered by this insurance.

WCB Fact Sheet
Enclosures Documentation Listing
To WCB Feb 2009
Response WCB Feb 2009
Letter to Alberta Minister May 2009
Response from Minister Aug 2009
WCB Update March 2010

The EDAA has created a Task Force to investigate opportunities and options for the integration of RDA’s into the health care team within hospitals and long term care facilities to ensure the oral health of the patients in residence is maintained and is supporting the overall health and progress of the patients. This Task Force has been asked to prepare a comprehensive proposal for submission to Alberta Health Services on incorporating RDA’s into the multidisciplinary healthcare team.

EDAA members are invited to provide input to the Task Force in the following topic areas:

Defining the patient population (elderly patients, patients in ICU etc)

Developing a Role for the RDA in providing daily oral health care to Patients/Residents in hospitals and long term care facilities.

Identify needs areas in hospital and long term care facilities: Patients or residents unable to perform their own oral hygiene care and maintain good oral health while in these facilities: Stroke, Spinal, Upper Limb Injuries, Alzheimer’s, Facial / Mouth / Jaw injuries etc

Address the issue of funding for these services – who will pay? Patients in long term care and their families have been traditionally responsible for any funds required to provide oral health care for these patients.

Address the issue of integration of RDA’s in the hospital and long term care facility provision of overall health care.

CONTACT the EDAA Message Centre if you are able to provide the Task Force with information and we will connect you with the current Chair for this committee. Thank you!