EDAA Dental Team Conference 2023 February 4, 2023
Information and registration form will be published in the November 2022 Dental Impressions Newsletter.

Schedule of Events

The following topics and speakers have been arranged for your enjoyment and education. These are provided to you in advance so you can plan ahead to attend the sessions you are interested in.

Although the registration fee is all inclusive (all refreshments, lunch, speakers) participants may choose to attend any or all sessions.

7:00 am Doors open - Coffee, juice, fruit and breakfast pastries will be available

Session #1 Reconstructive Prosthetic Rehabilitation & Complications
CCP Links include A-1-5 A-1-7 A-5-1 A-5-2 A-7-1 C-3-5 C-6-1 G-3-5

Session #2 Effects of Orthodontics on Bone and Oral Mucosa
CCP Links include A-1-2 A-1-5 A-1-7 A-1-8 A-7-1 C-3-5 F-3-3

Session #3 Managing Special Needs Patients in the Dental Office
CCP Links include B-4-4 C-2-1 C-2-3 C-3-12 F-3-3 G-1-5 G-3-1 G-3-5 G-3-7 I-7-2

Session #4 Dental Clinic Operations 101
CCP Links include H-1-2 H-1-3 H-1-4 H-2-2 H-2-5

Session #5 Emotional Regulation Skills & Leadership
CCP Links include G-1-1 G-1-3 G-1-4 G-3-1 I-5-1 I-6-2

EDAA Conference 2023 Information and Registration Form

The full information and registration form for Conference 2023 will be published in your November 2022 issue of Dental Impressions delivered to members the last week in October and in the link above.

Not an EDAA member? You are welcome to attend our Dental Team Conference at the non-member fee or alternatively, choose to become an EDAA member and attend all of our professional development throughout the year at low cost or no cost. In addition, you will have access to a wide range of EDAA membership support, services, benefits and discounts that will add tremendous value to your professional career.

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